Duke Biology's Live Plant Collections are arranged according to plant systematics and their phylogenetic origin. Each specimen is labeled according to their plant family, genus, and species, plus photo documented so that students and the public can see our plants. 


Although primarily devoted to assisting the teaching and research of Duke University Faculty, staff and students, the live plant collections offers assistance to other educational institutions through plant propagation, tours, tissue samples, and the conservation of rare & endangered plant species. We accept donations of plant materials and reserve the right to determine their appropriateness for our mission; however, all donations of endangered plants are guaranteed space within our facilities.

Our Plant Groups

Bryophyte Lycophyte
Bryophytes + Lycophytes 
Mosses & Club Mosses
Ferns & Horsetails
Zamiaceae Zamia pumila
Cycads & Conifers
Cactaceae Aporocactus flagelliformis
Flowering Plants