Cactaceae Echinopsis


The Live Plant Collection consists of over a thousand unique species of plants from all over the world. Since the late 1800's, Duke Biology faculty have gathered these plant specimens from the wild and have created comprehensive collections of carnivorous plants, cycads, xeric, aquatic, tropical and temperate plants. We preserve many rare and endangered species within our greenhouses.

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Our Mission

The live plant collection is primarily used to support educational objectives of undergraduate courses and laboratories within the Biology Department. Our plant collections also serve as an educational resource for school groups and plant enthusiasts.

Featured Collections

Carnivorous Collection: these plants get their nutrients by trapping and digesting insects and other small animals

Epiphytes - Bromeliads & Orchids Collection: these plants live on top of other plants, with orchids and bromeliads as the best-known examples

Medicinal & Economic Plants: plants helping us with food, beverages, clothes and medicines

Xerophytes 'Cactus-Like' Collection: plants possessing exceptional adaptations to survive with minimal water under intense heat

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